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Ritual bedingte Wachstumsstörungen und Fehlbildungen des orofazialen Systems : ein Beitrag zur Schädelmorphogenese

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  • The formation of the skull is subject to a multitude of factors, which are primarily differentiated into genetic and peristatic (exogenous) factors. The timing of the impact of exogenous factors plays a crucial role. The examinations intend to show the extent to which malformations and growth alterations of the orofacial system depend on ritual cult procedures, and how the wearing of a lip-peg by Brazilian Zoé- Indians influences their palatal morphology, dentition growth, and tooth position. A further aim is to demonstrate how adaptation relations can be objectified using biometric methods. For these examinations, we used plaster models of 21 mandibles and 21 maxillae of the Brazilian Zoé- Indians, as well as 2 mouth trays with silicon impressions and 2 lip-pegs. We used for our examination the following methods: - Parameters examined on the models: (tooth status, abrasions, grinding facettes, bone loss, orthodontic findings, sagittal occlusion, overjet, overbite, transverse plane, midline) - Elastic impression of palate with silicon (sections in the sagittal and frontal planes, measurement) - Length, width, circumference, and area measurements of individual jaws along defined lines(from Fanghänel, J. and Winkelmann, D.) - Calculation of regression Findings/Summary - pronounced abrasions caused by consumption of Brazil nuts, bones, and palm-leaf ash - loss of anterior teeth and mandibular bone loss due to wearing of lip-peg - arched indentation of the anterior mandible toward the dorsal and consequent ectopic position of canines (age-dependent) - due to ectopic position of canines, tilting of the second premolars toward the lingual - displacement of the second maxillary incisors to the palatal, behind the first incisors, thus shortening the maxillary dental arch (age-dependent) - length of maxilla is gender-dependent (shorter in the female than in the male subjects) - indentation of anterior mandible is age-dependent (depends on how long the peg has been worn) Alterations - particularly in the craniofacial area - are influenced by ritual procedures

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Author: Dörthe Winkelmann
Title Additional (German):keine Angaben
Title Additional (English):Morphological changes in the stomatognathic system due to ritual procedures
Advisor:Prof. Dr. Jochen Fanghänel
Document Type:Doctoral Thesis
Date of Publication (online):2006/07/11
Granting Institution:Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität, Medizinische Fakultät (bis 2010)
Date of final exam:2006/06/19
Release Date:2006/07/11
GND Keyword:Wachstumsstörung, Missbildung, Kiefergelenkkrankheit
Faculties:Universitätsmedizin / Poliklinik für Kieferorthopädie, Präventive Zahnmedizin und Kinderzahnheilkunde
DDC class:600 Technik, Medizin, angewandte Wissenschaften / 610 Medizin und Gesundheit